REVERSE-A-RULE® by Quint Measuring Systems

I have worked with the manufacturer of these rulers to design the best quality and most accurate cutting and squaring rulers for quilters. Each ruler is marked for both right and left-handed cutters and hot stamped with light marking on one side for use with dark fabrics and dark markings on the opposite side for use with light fabrics. The narrow and consistent line widths assist with placement for accurate cutting.



6.5" x 6.5" Square
9.5" x 9.5" Square
12.5" x 12.5" Square
3" x 18"
6" x 14"
6" x 24"


Grrrip-It® by Quint Measuring Systems
This new product helps reduce slippage when applied to any hard surface such as rulers and templates.


1" x 24" Length
(One Piece)
1" x 24" Length
(Two Pieces)





Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Updated 3rd Edition by C&T Publishing $16.95 No Melt Mylar by EZ International    
12” x 18”  $4.99 per sheet
Perfect Piecing Seam Guide by Perkins Dry Goods $5.99
Color expert, Joen Wolfrom designed this easy to use and helpful tool to guide us in choosing perfect and pleasing fabrics and colors for our quilting and sewing projects. Read more about this unique tool on my blog here.

I love using this crystal clear heat-resistant template plastic for making the handles on my baskets. I simply use a fine line Sharpie pen to trace the shape, cut it out with scissors and then press my starched fabric shape over the plastic template to achieve perfectly smooth, flat and consistent handles every time. There are many other uses for this wonderful product.


When I sit down to machine piece, I want my scant ¼” seam allowance to be accurate every time. This handy gauge will allow you to position your needle and mark the distance on your sewing machine. It will also allow you to check the accuracy of your ¼” foot and stitching lines. I think it is a must have tool for anyone interested in precision machine piecing.



glue biastape  
Roxanne Glue Baste-It by Colonial Needle Co. .5 oz travel size $4.89

Bias Tape Maker by Clover Needlecraft
6mm ¼” $6.59

I use this water-soluble and quick drying glue for all of my appliqué projects. Apply small drops of glue to the backside of your shapes to hold them firmly in place for stitching. It dries smooth and not stiff. This is my favorite tool for making narrow, ¼” wide finished bias tape. The tool will simply and easily allow you to neatly turn and press both edges of your bias-cut strips to the wrong side. Prepared strips are ready to be appliquéd, either by hand or machine. They are prefect for any designs with vines or stems.